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The Covid-19 pandemic led to a shortage of essential foods in Sri Lanka. People formed long lines to buy food at a state-run store in Colombo. The UN has provided a cover of legitimacy for corporations to capture the narrative and deflate public pressure Sofia Monsalve, Food First Information and Action Network “The UN has provided a cover of legitimacy for corporations to capture the narrative and deflate public pressure – it has not been an honest broker,” said Sofia Monsalve, secretary general of the Food First Information and Action Network (FIAN), a research and advocacy organization based in Germany. “The refusal to discuss major issues like concentration in every part of the food system, corporate land grabs, taxation and accountability for human rights means the summit will fail,” Monsalve added. According to the special rapporteur Fakhri , it took months to persuade organizers to include human rights in discussions, and even then the right to food appears only in you could try this out the margins. “We see the same corporate players who have caused irreparable damage to our health, climate and environment trying to create a new game, gain more influence and carve out new economic opportunities.” Agnes Kalibata, special envoy to the summit, vehemently rejected the criticisms. She told the Guardian that farmers, youth groups and academics have been represented in unprecedented numbers, and that those boycotting the event spoke for issues not people. “The summit is not about corporates [sic], it’s about working together to transform the food system and deliver on the SDGs, which are built on human rights … every country has engaged, people were invited and listened to,” she said. “If Michael Fakhri really disagreed, why did he stay?” But a new analysis published on the eve of the summit suggests non-corporate participants have been sidelined in a fantastic read favour of big corporations represented by and allied with business associations, non-profits and philanthropy groups. For instance, the summit is broken down into five areas known as action tracks . Those tasked with coming up with solutions to “boost nature positive production”(action track 3) include a single Indigenous group but 26 private sector corporations such as Nestlé, Tyson, Bayer and the International Fertilizer Association, according to the research commissioned by a global grassroots campaign opposing the corporate focus. Yet about 80% of the planet’s remaining biodiversity is located on the territories on Indigenous peoples, who have practised sustainable agriculture for millennia and who along with small-scale farmers are at the forefront in developing agroecology – sustainable modern farming practices that work with nature and communities rather than exploiting them. The big ag solutions undermine what the vast majority of the world’s food producers are trying to do to protect the environment and cool down the climate Nettie Wiebe from La Via Campesina, a global peasant movement representing small farmers, rural workers and Indigenous farmers, said her organisation withdrew and started organising against the summit because it was “deeply undemocratic, unaccountable and dismissive of those without wealth and power”. “The big ag solutions being promoted undermine what the vast majority of the world’s food producers are trying to do to protect the environment and cool down the climate so that there is hope for the future.” The analysis also found that influential business associations, thinktanks and philanthropies which represent, finance and promote corporate interests in sectors like agriculture, retail and finance, were given important leadership roles. The World Economic Forum, a corporate-funded transnational organization of business, political, intellectual and civil society leaders (popularly known as Davos), has played a driving role in the summit while working to unlock $90tn in new investments and infrastructure. So has the World Business Council on Sustainable Development – an international CEO-led coalition promoting the idea that corporations and wealthy elites can solve climate change and environmental degradation caused by extractivism. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a strong advocate of biotech-based solutions for food insecurity, is linked to several summit participants with corporate ties. It co-founded and helps fund the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (Agra), which promotes the spread of industrialized agriculture in the continent. The president of Agra, which has close ties to the agrochemical industry, is the summit’s special envoy, Kalibata. “This corporate juggernaut must be stopped, or we risk deepening environmental injustice and human rights violations,” said Kirtana Chandrasekaran, co-author of the report and food sovereignty programme coordinator at Friends of the Earth International.


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Due to systemic and historical inequities faced in the classroom, the high school graduation rate for Hispanic students is below the national average.  Hispanic students are underrepresented in advanced courses in mathematics and science, and they can face language barriers in the classroom.  Only 19 percent of Latino adults have at least a bachelor’s degree compared with 1 in 3 overall, and just 6 percent have completed graduate or professional degree programs, versus 13 percent nationally.  Further, the lack of availability of adult continuing education courses makes it difficult for many Hispanic adults to further their education.  In addition, barriers to equity in education can compound and intersect for Hispanic and Latino students who are women and girls, LGBTQ+ individuals, English language learners, and individuals with disabilities. The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare and exacerbated many of these inequities.  Hispanic and Latino students are more likely than their White peers to experience remote learning arrangements, yet they have less access to the tools necessary to succeed, such as broadband and computer access.  Hispanic women have been adversely impacted by job loss, a lack of access to child care, and the inability to provide care, in greater numbers than their White counterparts.  These and pre-existing disparities have led to declines in student achievement for Hispanic students.  Latino students — once the fastest-growing group of undergraduates in the United States — have seen a decline in undergraduate college attendance amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is a priority of my Administration to ensure an equitable recovery from COVID-19, and to provide Hispanic and Latino students with a successful return to the classroom. These barriers exist not simply in the classroom, but also in the workplace.  Hispanic workers are overrepresented in industries that have been hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic, and they have faced disproportionate losses in employment.  Hispanic and Latino workers often face discrimination in hiring, pay, and consideration for promotions among other challenges.  They need greater access to work-based learning opportunities such as mentorships, internships, and registered apprenticeships that not only guide employment seekers to a career, but provide the experience needed to secure well-paying jobs. To ensure that our Nation reaches the ambitious goals we have set for our economy to thrive, as well as to ensure equal access to opportunity for all, we must enable Hispanic and Latino students to reach their highest potential through our Nation’s schools and institutions of higher education. The Federal Government must also collaborate with Hispanic and Latino communities to ensure their long-term success. It is the policy of my Administration to advance educational equity, excellence, and economic opportunity for Hispanic communities from early childhood until their chosen career.